ANNAM grew out of a need to bring authentic and delicious home-cooked Indian food to the Miami area. Our recipes are not found in mainstream restaurants because they come from the kitchens of our mothers, aunts and grandmothers from the villages and big bustling cities of India.


ANNAM is not a restaurant. We partner with local cultural institutions to craft unique pop-up events that examine the intersection of food, art and culture in Miami.


ANNAM means cooked rice in the Telegu language but it also refers symbolically to the meal itself. 'Annam Tindamma' (let's eat dinner) is a familiar call uttered by moms in South Indian homes.
All of our vegetarian dishes are homemade using traditional and locally sourced ingredients. Some are also vegan and gluten free. They are made by us, Anita & Mathew, with occasional help from our twin girls, Maaha & Surya.
We hope you will explore the culinary landscape of South India through our food.